[The Meticulous yet Simple Dichotomy of Fear & Freewill]

by on October 8th, 2007

{What would you do if you weren’t afraid?}

Fear is one of the most speculative sensations of the many conceived in the soul of man.

It emerges as the phantom specter inherent in all the possibilities in the cosmos; it manifests as the anticipation of the sting of a blade, the harshness of a rebuke, as the emasculating impact of rejection.

Fear is the burden of existential uncertainty pressed upon the certainty of happiness. Fear is the ultimate possibility of being unhappy, and anticipating it.

When I chose my happiness I ceased to anticipate. When I ceased to anticipate, I no longer feared. For what I have chosen is greater than myself yet it is so essential to my being, that without me it could never be realized in whole.

Not being afraid, I have chosen to pursue the vigilant actualization of human freewill into products and priorities that facilitate the transformation of man towards a level of self-betterment that is beyond the material basis of conflicts, contempt, and combat.

Not being afraid, duality and maya no longer hinder me from experiencing joy, as through the realization of an inner compassion I find great insights through techniques. Art for the sake of Art; all techniques consciously oriented towards the fosterance of a creative awareness.

Not being afraid, I seek to design abstract and visceral integrated systems, and engineer a comprehensive process for mankind that releases it from the organization of history and propels it towards realizing its divine realization in a reality where the inhabitant is in perfect communion with his/her habitat, and that person’s soul free from the material limitations of fear.

{How are you going to change the world?}

The ‘world’ as we perceive it is an integration of various organizational systems, techniques, and engineered mechanisms and modules within a single outcome process. It is deposited as such in individual, seeded within their vital energies, and expressed through their actions contributing to the inevitable collective outcome.

To steer the world towards a course of transformation; to realize uncommon possibilities for a common folk and the distinct sentient personality of the individual; we must assess these various organizational systems, techniques, and engineered mechanisms and modules with total objectivity and reverse engineer them part by parcel to create a super technique of existence that allows seamless counter-structures to emerge.

Based on a meticulous study of the structure of history and the nature of human evolution I have created a conceptual architecture for something called Prosuburbs.com: a single utility with social networking type functions that essentially creates a digital anagram for a single prototype suburban township directing the seamless transition of its entire Commercial, Civic, and Social dynamic into a powerful dialectic whose synthetic byproduct is going to create a society of consumer consensus and grassroots governance.

This is the most immediate, but all the same vital, part of my greater enterprise which seeks to reconcile human systems and organizational mechanisms into an engineered process perspective inclined towards the realization of human Compassion.

Alexander Rai