The New Hampshire Grannie Awards

by on January 28th, 2004

Will Durst, writing in Working For Change, makes sure that the best Democrat performances in the New Hampshire primary are praised adequately by naming the recipients of this year’s Grannie Awards. The series of awards recognizes notable performances this year in the Granite State. So, without further ado . . .

The I Can Spin the World Award

Joe Lieberman who called his fifth-place, single-digit New Hampshire finish a victory, referring to it as a “split decision for third place.”

The Your Sense of Humor is All You Got When You Look at Yourself in the Mirror in the Dark Award

Dennis Kucinich. Speaking of his 1 percent vote in the Granite State on Fox News, “the battle for sixth place continues.”

The Shoot Yourself in the Foot Award

General Wesley Clark. Speaking of John Kerry, “He was only a Captain, I was a General.” Fine win in a very competitive category.

The In Your Face, You Liberal Weenies Award

Former Treasury Secretary and confessed gambling addict William Bennett. Disparaged Kucinich’s optimism with an obscure reference to Poker Tournament odds.

The Pull Out All the Stops Award

Joe Lieberman. Trotted out his 89-year-old mother to campaign for him in sub-zero weather.

There’s more of the article and Will Durst at this link.

Hat tip: Asymmetrical Information

Mike Pechar