The Power of Your Vote

by on October 21st, 2006

As we approach the November elections, the plethora of negative news for Republicans, from Congressional ethical lapses to our chronic problems in Iraq, may understandably discourage otherwise clear thinking conservatives.

That can lead to the pessimistic internal dialogue we’ve all been prey to on occasion, which amounts to the blunt calculation that our own vote will make no appreciable difference in this election. Yet, it’s at those very moments in the political season when we must reanimate our sense of civic duty and, more critically, make a candid assessment of the kind of post-election landscape we may wake up to on November 8th.

Bloggers at received a link to a site that provides detailed information concerning a slate of candidates that Republicans should be supporting. You are strongly encouraged to review that site and exploits the information and data it provides, and then vote accordingly.

As an elected official, your editor is keenly aware that the margin of less than one percent can mean the difference between having an “R” as opposed to a “D” next to the name of the winner. As much as conservative Republicans have been acutely frustrated with this administration, from spending to immigration, there is only one thing worse than a Republican who doesn’t fully meet our expectations–and that’s any Democrat.

Here in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, Democratic candidate Jay Fawcett is mounting a serious challenge to Republican Doug Lamborn, in a way that hasn’t happened in decades. Mr. Fawcett is a recent translpant who has never held elected office, but he’s also a retired military officer who is adroit at disguising himself as a moderate, but when the surface is scratched he bleeds a bright liberal blue.

In contrast, Mr. Lamborn, is a former president of the Colorado Senate and staunch and reliable conservative. But because of the political scene nationally, many Independents are considering a vote for Mr. Fawcett. This scenario is playing itself out nationwide, but there is also evidence that local issues will trump the national problems which have been so effectively sensationalized by the liberals at the helm of our mainstream media.

But that can only happen if Republicans of all stripes recognize what is truly at stake and talk to their families, friends, and colleagues, and head out to the polls. It’s difficult to recall a time when more was on the line, from keeping the economic momentum trending positively by making President Bush’s tax cuts permanent to aggressively pursuing the Islamofascists and taking a hard line with Iran and North Korea.

Their carefully orchestrated window dressing notwithstanding, there is no question that the Democrats would abolish the tax cuts and revert to the Clintonesque diplomatic paradigm of interminable talks with North Korea and Iran, with no hint of consequences, which would only guarantee their inevitable acquisition of nuclear weapons.

Therefore, please reflect seriously on what we’re facing and ponder, if only fleetingly, the headline that might read, “Speaker Pelosi Takes the Reigns,” then get out and vote.

Philip Mella