The Real Nader Threat

by on February 22nd, 2004

Ralph Nader is a dangerous man. Indeed, he is a threat to the Republican-Democrat hegemony, but the real danger he poses exists because of his willingness to exploit the frustration people have with their ineffective government, all in order to push an even more dangerous regime upon us. While he properly identifies the natural results of an over bloated state apparatus, he assumes a tone of moral superiority while preaching that the answer to these problems is more government – though you will never hear him call his solution by its real name: socialism.

Nader is employing the subversive tactics utilized by intellectual thieves of all stripes – from the Stalins of the world, to Islam’s Mohammed, to the intellectually dishonest Noam Chomsky, to the Bible Belt’s Pat Robertson. These parasites suck in the masses by preaching half-truths, and once they have gained their audience’s trust, they indoctrinate, indoctrinate, indoctrinate.

Nader has risen to the status of a demigod in the eyes of a youthful, anti-establishment, and sometimes-intelligent crowd. Nader knows that his ideas appeal to people who feel the world is unjust (including their own private world) and are looking for answers. In other words, Nader is selling the religion of an Omnipotent State. Interestingly, the majority of his disciples are “atheists” who unwittingly and eagerly decry organized religion, wielding the Marxian “opiate of the masses” line, all the while oblivious to the irony of their own mysticisms. Instead of confession, prayer, or a pilgrimage to Mecca, Naderites are eager to partake in self-deprecation, toking marijuana, and Burning Man festivals. In fairness to the “individuals” that prescribe to the Nader medicine, I am not suggesting they lack for intelligence, though they should check their premises before their next self-righteous tirade against western civilization.

If you drink enough Nader elixir, you eventually believe that business interests are the bane of civilized society and that left unchecked, they will drive “the people” into ever greater poverty. This notion ignores 300 years of history, observing semi-free societies that have afforded a wealth to anyone willing to work that is today greater than kings of old. Any honest observer of political economy must now accept the superiority of private property and free markets to centrally planned socialist economies.

It is Nader’s impotency in the realm of productive employment that has driven him to a career of assaulting “corporate interests” as a “consumer advocate.” The values created by the corporations he decries make a mockery of his “accomplishments.” It is a lot easier to destroy, criticize, and mock than it is to create real values and inspire others to do the same.

I want to believe that Ralph is a tired remnant of the 20th century. Regardless, I am happy he has jumped in the race. He says what most democrats wish they could say and still be elected – the hegemony just will not stand for it yet. Maybe he will inadvertently open the door for more libertarian candidates down the road and at least he keeps it interesting. He may not smoke the preferred weed of his followers, but he was on such a high after ticking off democrats the last time around, why not give it another shot?

Michael Hussey