The Red Herring of Mike Huckabee’s Opposition

by on January 18th, 2008

Those who oppose Mike Huckabee’s candidacy are now hysterically waving their red flags because of his comments that the Constitution should be amended to reflect God’s standards. However, don’t these people have a clue as to how the Constitution is actually amended? Amending the Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of both the House of Representatives and the Senate and then the approval of three-fourths of the states. It can also be amended via a constitutional convention (but that process has never been used since the Constitution was originally created). Now where exactly, pray tell, is the President’s role in this process? The simple truth is that Huckabee (or any other president for that matter) couldn’t amend the Constitution, even if he wanted to.

But couldn’t he use his influence and bully pulpit to persuade congressman, senators, and state legislators across the country to get it done? Surely he used that influence to get the Arkansas state constitution aligned with biblical teachings while he was governor, didn’t he? After all, he held that office for ten years. Well, let’s see now. There was the time when he, uh … and then there was that amendment to, uh, um … and then, of course, there was … Oh, I forgot, he didn’t have Arkansas’s constitution amended during his tenure as governor. Now consider this: If he didn’t have enough influence or will to amend a state constitution, how the heck does his frenzied opposition think he would have the influence or power to amend the U.S Constitution?

Therefore I believe these people are just using this situation as a red herring to cover up their real reasons for opposing him. So what’s really behind all this fear of a religious bogeyman? I believe it’s a combination of secularism and elitism, plain and simple. Over the years, western society has become more and more secular. It started in Europe and has slowly spread to Canada and the U.S. At the same, upper-class elitists, along with those based in Hollywood and the academic world, have begun to have greater influence over the way the middle-class and other regular people think.

All of this has combined to create a kind of widespread religiphobia that has fueled all the bogus separation-of-church-and-state arguments we’ve seen lately. Too many people now see religion as a threat to their godless lifestyles and will become alarmed whenever any politician openly discusses his or her religious beliefs. I mean those dang religious nuts might actually denounce things that are evil and immoral. Oh my god, no! They might actually stay married and not fool around on the side. What a national disaster! They might actually pray before making important decisions. God forbid! They might actually have respect for human life. How dare they! They might actually follow the golden rule. Let’s start impeachment proceedings right now!

Any politician who upsets elitists and religiphobes as much as Huckabee does ranks high in my book. That’s why I can’t wait to vote for him when the Virginia primary rolls around on February 12th.

Terry Mitchell