[The Sociology of Snow Tennis]

by on October 8th, 2007

Friends and Beloveds,

It is my delight to apprise you of ‘Snow Tennis 501 c 3’- an eminently uncommon design, organized by a healthy dose of giddy perkiness, but upholding some remarkable transformational interests. Snow Tennis may be reached at www.snowtennis.org- and while it seems amusing and arcane, is designed to impress into the imaginations of minds perturbed by the disturbing shifts in human course of events, a non-intellectual awakening towards vital issues.

Consider the aphorism ‘Snow Tennis believes that God is best understood through Snow’- a self-effacing commentary that critiques in a non-abrasive, jovial way, human beings to examine the abnormality and absurdity of human obsession with religious extremism- how a concept of peace and harmony has deviated from its natural contexts to become heinous, destructive organization that terrify and mar.

What the likes of Stephen Colbert and the Daily Show are to political criticism- Snow Tennis and its likes constitute an intelligent, thoughtful, paradigm-shift in models of discourse- infusing hilarity, harmony, shared sense of humor, through absurdism as well as serious insight and a very real taskforce that heals with hilarity and redresses ills. Snow Tennis will to that end, constitute a charitable arm that will endow financing to human enterprise, innovation, and a new model of entrepreneurship- ‘Laughter Entrepreneurship’ brokering the intelligence inherent in the act, science, and experience of human laughter- and its capacity for healing and catharsis. Transformation at the Velocity of Laugh. Lyke totally.

This is Snow Tennis. A Sport for the Soul. A Reality by 2018 Olympics {a criticism of sloth in undelivered promises and utopian pledges that will never happen and invoking a serious interest in the dangers we face as a race. And an alternative thereof. We DO in fact, believe that Snow Tennis will be played in 2018 Olympics. We are staying the course}.

Once consolidated as a network on facebook, Snow Tennis will have a very unique and novel demographic joining it, that will enrich facebook’s brilliant efficacy in ‘graph theory’ and make it a more conscious and intelligent system of clusters, populated with these novel work networks that constitute the idiom of human enterprise. Snow Tennis’ ideal subscriber tends to be ‘pastafarians’, libertarians, progressives, independents, the ‘green folks’ [non-area 51 types- same difference as American Indian versus Indian American] and simply people who do not buy the bipartisan pontification system and want to see the ‘real deal’.

It may amuse, perhaps irk, or even intrigue you, to learn that we are organizing Snow Tennis, in fact, as a political party as well- because we can. My legal agency is pursuing due diligence to that end. 🙂 Being as it will be a ‘Party for the Soul’ it will have a very unique character, and will, of course, as parties tend to be, a lot of fun!

And by the way, everyone at Snow Tennis, loves facebook.

What a blessing, it is!

Lots of love and snowflakes! :-p

Nota Bene. Facebook.com is arguably the most elegantly engineered Social Network ‘Out there’, and constitutes as of last update over 21 million in membership and has within it, some of the most diverse demographical clusters obtainable. An immense resource for Transformational Designs- and truly one of a kind.

Alexander Rai