This ethanol boondoggle is getting costly

by on August 8th, 2007

While politicians and corrupt farmers (note: Archer Daniels Midland — kings of farm subsidies corruption) extol the virtues of ethanol, the opportunity costs (those unintended consequences Washington DC so eagerly ignores), continue to pile up, snowballing into a very dangerous situation that can only get worse from here, as the percentage of US corn slated for ethanol production continues to increase. These disgusting subsidies are the only reason the market has adjusted, and DC must stop this market interference immediately, before it is too late.

-Farm land prices are going up. This will inevitably increase the costs of other core food crops that Americans depend on.

-Many poor Mexicans are now unable to afford the staple of their diets – tortillas.

-The price of nearly every food is going up. Beef, pizza, coffee, everything.

Al Gore’s global warming idiocy is being exploited into a government-sponsored raping of our heartland and core food supply, funneling billions of dollars from the poor and middle-class consumers into bullshit farming lobbies. End the ethanol subsidies now!

Michael Hussey