Three Bush – Kerry polls, three different results

by on August 2nd, 2004

Kerry’s lead stretched to 7 percentage points from 3 points in a Newsweek poll Thursday and Friday. A weekend survey by CBS News showed Kerry ahead by six points, a 1-point increase from before the convention. The Gallup poll showed a 1-point lead for Kerry turning into a 4-point deficit.

“Not only have the Democrats perhaps not made much difference with their convention but the Republicans may not make much difference with theirs later on and we’ll be about where we are now later in September,” Newport said in an interview.

The three polls surveyed different groups of Americans. CBS News surveyed 1,052 adults, nearly all of them registered voters. Newsweek polled 1,010 people who were all registered voters and Gallup polled 763 “likely” voters. In the 2000 election, about a third of registered voters didn’t go to the polls.

Etalkinghead Staff