Trust a bureaucrat

by on March 18th, 2004

The FBI has asked for its largest ever budget in its Fiscal Year 2005 request.

That in itself is not surprising — after all, we expect budgets to continue to grow as the years progress. And if they don’t grow enough, it’s portrayed as a budget “cut” thanks to the wonders of baseline budgeting, so it’s quite likely the FBI will get what it wants. Otherwise Bush will be painted as cutting the law enforcement budget in the middle of the war on terror.

FBI Director Mueller’s spin, however, is a bit off-putting. After the all the mistakes recently, he has the cajones to say the FBI needs all of this money primarily for intelligence gathering.

Only a true government bureaucrat could parlay a failure into a request for additional funding.

Now… someone remind me how this Mueller guy got into the Bush Administration.

I.J. Reilly