U.S. denies UN control of Web

by on December 8th, 2003

In a move no doubt intended to stop my tyrannical rule as the new King of the Blogs, the United Nations sought to bring the Internet under their ever-growing mandate today. The U.S., EU, Japan and Canada turned back their quest for dominance. Even though their attempt failed, the UN seeks to further study the Internet and plan a course of action for 2005.

The draft declaration to be issued at the end of the conference Friday also includes strong references to freedom of the press and freedom of information online

How more freedom of the internet can be granted by increasing regulation is beyond me. The way I see it, those who seek to control information about the world are one step closer to controlling the world itself. And as the Internet becomes more important to our daily lives, attempts by the UN or any other worldly body should indeed be looked upon with contempt and suspicion.

Etalkinghead Staff