UK mother fights for right to know, loses

by on January 23rd, 2006,1074,1692999,00.html?gusrc=rss

The mother of two teenage daughters today lost her high court battle for parents’ “right to know” whether girls under the age of 16 were being advised on obtaining an abortion.

The legal defeat for Sue Axon, a divorced mother from Baguley, in Wythenshawe, Manchester, was being viewed as a test case with potential implications for parents across the country.

Ms Axon had argued that the current guidelines allowing teenage girls confidential family planning advice increased the likelihood of them having underage sex and then an abortion, which she opposes.

However, the high court in London today rejected the 52-year-old’s challenge that parents had a right to know about the advice their daughters receive.

Mr Justice Silber ruled that Ms Axon, who has five children – or any other parent – had no right to know unless the child decided otherwise.

He said he would not change the law as Ms Axon’s lawyers had requested. Lawyers for the health secretary, Patricia Hewitt, had fought the legal challenge.

Etalkinghead Staff