UN Chief-of-Staff: Kofi will be cleared

by on March 24th, 2005


UNITED NATIONS — Kofi Annan will be exonerated in the Oil-for-Food scandal, according to the U.N. secretary-general’s chief of staff.

The statement comes just days before the anticipated release of a critical report into claims of nepotism involving Annan, his son, Kojo, and a company that won a lucrative Oil-for-Food contract.

Annan has consistently denied any wrongdoing, but many questions remain about how the company Cotecna won a multi-billion dollar job to oversee humanitarian contracts in Iraq, while Kojo Annan was working for them. The Financial Times reported Wednesday that the secretary general personally met three times with executives from Cotecna in Geneva, in New York and over tea at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Etalkinghead Staff