Vets Against Kerry

by on January 28th, 2004

Not surprisingly, a number of Vietnam veterans are upset that Kerry is parading his Vietnam service around in support of his campaign. At this site, found via The Patriette, they provide a bio and plenty of pictures of Kerry looking like the peacenik hippie that he was.

I wonder how much traction there is in Kerry’s association with the pro-communist Vietnam Veterans Against the War? (The article includes VVAW protestors carrying pictures of Mao and climbing statues around the U.S. Capitol with communist Vietnam flags.) Do people care about one’s position on the communist threat anymore, or is this a non-issue now that we’re worried about the Muslim threat instead of the Red one?

In any event, the pictures of him looking like a hippie and protesting the Vietnam War will play better with the older generations than the new. And Kerry desperately needs younger voters if he’s going to have a prayer of defeating Bush.

I.J. Reilly