War, Peace and Oil

by on May 1st, 2008

I have read of it in various publications, had the merits of it explained to me by many distinguished speakers, have been induced to believe that it is of common acceptance, and for the better part of my early life on earth I actually believed that the essence was doable:

That doable was that peace was indeed a realistic goal; that this nation’s policy, in scope and function, both domestic and international should be to establish peace. I thought that peace was universally desirous and was a shared commonality for all of humankind. But, with the passing of years, as with all things child-like, I put such beliefs aside and dealt with the world as it is rather than as I wish it was.

It has been suggested by documenters of history that the reason 5,000 people gathered for the first time in a confined space was to kill each other. The globe is benchmarked by monuments, statues, commemorative inscriptions, and graveyards of those who fell in battle. There are poems, prose, myths, songs, and stories of those who fought others of humankind’s kindred with the intent of one killing the other. There is no doubt of man’s violent nature toward their fellow man.

I believe that humankind is a multipurpose creator and perpetrator of an overtly combative nature; I believe that the behavior of humankind is intrinsically embedded with innate hostility; as a consequence, I do not believe that peace between nations is a natural condition; indeed, all nation states are leery of any hands down trustful engagement. In other words, for the administrators of this nation’s foreign policy to suggest that peace is an attainable goal of even relative permanency is absurd, illusionary even dangerous. Every nation will serve its interest and for the industrialized nation’s, energy is its food and water.

History evidences that peace is no more than a momentary lull connecting a perpetual continuum of violent strikes. Rarely does the momentary lull of peace extend pass a generation of time; therefore, because of the clear evidence of history one need not suffer another surprise attack in order to relearn the self-evident consistencies of history. One cannot outrun the natural inclinations of humankind and elephants will not grow wings and fly. The rule of law is enforcement dependant. Human satisfaction has a short memory and an insatiable appetite for more. Greed and stupid are the superior genes within the mix of common human characteristics and their predominance’s have little to do with societies’ interest or insistence on either the abatement of ignorance or the advancement of enlightenment. Withstanding all of the niceties of living the ‘good life,’ even the most generous, liberal, and naive of Americans realize that the wheels that go round and round will stop if there is no energy; convincingly, one also recognizes that without a steady supply of affordable energy the good life could come to a not so pretty an end.

The world and its affairs do not utilize or operate from a moral platform nor do the perpetuators of worldly affairs utilize reason, rationality or sensibility as its basis for negotiating trade agreements, adhering to affirmed treaties or agreements, or doing one thing, all the while, confirming that they are doing another.

I do believe that contrary to the interest of this nation state, offensive actions are in development, on going, and will be perpetrated against this nation into perpetuity. It is happening for instance by oil producing nations as I write. Middle Eastern countries specifically have, ‘weapon enabled’ its oil to serve as an economic missile capable of influencing the general cost of all services; therefore, the effect of weapon enabled oil will at a minimum, lower the net of discretionary common income and deliver, at will, at least short term economic destabilization.

The Government of the United States response to such a strategic debilitating offensive is to NOT drill for our domestic oil reserve NOT initiate nuclear energy alternatives, to NOT negotiate directly with sources of oil depositories, but instead, to pay the money and bark at the moon.

These actions by those who have the oil reserves are not peaceful gestures, they are aggressive gestures; if the restricting of global energy resources are destabilizing this nation; are not those actions as dangerous as an overtly hostile act?

If you are an oil producing nation and as such have formed a cartel to monopolize and manipulate the price of oil with the intent of destabilizing America and its allies; is that not a overtly violent act? If the cartel knows the amount of oil that will hit the global market on a given day, week, or month would they not only make the money on the price of a barrel but also manipulate the options market and in so doing artificially force up the barrel of oil by speculating on the options market?

Overtly and covertly this nation is at war; today’s trading partner could very well be tomorrow’s enemy; it is a very confusing world…nevertheless, one item is not so confusing, without the oil there is no energy without the energy the American way of life is at risk. Congress cannot simply sit on its hands…

William Robert Barber