Why Vote for Kerry?

by on August 23rd, 2004

John Kerry is by no means a great politician. He has been very lucky and is gifted in certain technical details – biography, funding, etc – that have helped him to reach this point in his career. In order to vote for him this year, I have decided to learn as little as I can about his policies for fear of finding too many things I disagree with.

That’s not to say that any amount of horrible knowledge about John Kerry could prevent me from voting for him. It’s a bad position to be in, but one that American voters should be dreadfully familiar with – choosing the least objectionable candidate. Or, as Lisa Simpson would say; “this time he’s the lesser of two evils”.

Included below is a detailed list of reasons why a rational person cannot vote for Bush. I realize that I have neglected his positive qualities. This is because I am not aware of any.

  1. Stem Cell Research – This issue is a no-brainer. Bush has nothing against abortion–he got one for a girlfriend in college. He just needs the votes of some of the most evil people in America – religious fanatics. Oh, and his lack of funding and prevention of the harvesting of new stem cells is literally killing someone I know. My mom is visiting him in the hospital as I write. If you know anyone with Alzeihemer’s, MS, a spinal cord injury, or dozens of other conditions, you should be disgusted by this administration’s stance.
  2. Foreign Policy – The Iraq war may still turn out to the U.S.’s advantage in the long run. This does not justify lying to your people and the world about the reasons for war. If you believe that the ends justify the means in a siutation like this, you must also believe that the inherent good fortune of the American people is always on the forefront of every U.S. President’s mind. Sounds like a dangerous gamble to me.
  3. Bush is not a Conservative – Big government, federal jurisdiction & authority over states’ rights, abominable fiscal policy, pre-emptive war, government legislating personal rights & the breakdown of the separation between church & state do not fit into a conservative agenda. No matter how much a true conservative may fear Kerry, they must vote for him to show the Republican party that it must pursue the true conservative agenda, not the neo-con, religious agenda of the current administration

There are a multitude of other reasons, many of them dear to my heart – gay marriage, science and environmental concerns are all part of the rational against Bush. These are merely the most non-partisan, logical, and defensible issues.

Rand Fishkin