Will the Dems Apologize to Bush?

by on February 10th, 2004

The Associated Press is reporting that the White House will release today

pay records and other information intended to support his assertion that he fulfilled his duty as a member of the Air National Guard during the Vietnam war.

When the records are released and if they do indeed prove that George Bush fulfilled his duty, how long will it take before we here an apology from DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe for calling Bush AWOL? How long for an apology from Michael Moore for labeling Bush as a deserter? And from General Wesley Clark for standing silently at Moore’s side?

There is, of course, no need for John Kerry to apologize. He never had the courage to make a direct accusation. He has been very careful to only note that the charges have been made by others.

How long will it take for the left to question the authenticity of the documents? Sadly a lot less time than we’ll likely have to wait for the apologies.

Stephen Macklin