A Hearty Thank You to CBS

by on February 2nd, 2004

It seems to me that CBS is having a rough stretch these days. If it’s not “The Reagans” debacle, it’s Janet Jackson and breast-gate. Mr. Moonves needs an extra roll of Rolaids.

But I am here to praise CBS, not to bury them, and I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for standing up for good cheer during the Super Bowl. Three cheers for CBS keep to the tradition of not allowing political advertisements during the course of the single biggest sporting event of the year.

As many of you may know MoveOn.Org, after showing their “Why I hate Bush” Ad” during the State of the Union, wanted to show it again during the Super Bowl. CBS wisely nixed the idea to the consternation of MoveOn and Bush haters everywhere.

Well done CBS.

There must be places in society where politics and leisure don’t mix. The Super Bowl is the one of those places. Not only, would the spot have brought a pall to an event dominated by humorously low brow ads, It would have caused a real safety concern to viewers.

Think about it. Millions of viewers, mostly at parties, have been drinking and celebrating our national sport. People all over the country are arguing about such issues as “Is Tom Brady really that good a quarterback?” and “Please tell me that wasn’t the last hamburger.”. Could you imagine the venom that would spew if that MoveOn ad played? There would certainly be rioting in cities other than the winning hometown.

So let’s give the beleaguered network a pat on the back and thank them for saving the Super Bowl from the wackos at MoveOn.

Darren Copeland