Homosexuals Not Winning Hearts and Minds

by on February 24th, 2004

As a person who could really care less who marries whom, same-sex proponents aren’t doing a very good job at making me sympathetic to their cause. And that is the 100,000 pound elephant in the room no one is talking about. In California, 61% of the population voted against same-sex marriage. 61% You not only win an election with 61%, you pass a test. 61% is a huge number, but same-sex proponents ignore that gi-normous majority. The percentage of people opposed to same-sex marriage is even bigger when you start talking about the rest of the country, approaching 70%.

Same-sex marriage is not a winning issue in this country. A fact supported by John Kerry, and John Edwards both shying away from the issue. But instead of trying to win the hearts and minds of some the those people against same-sex marriage, the homosexual community has decided to throw the issue in the faces of the majority.

People opposing same-sex marriage are called racist, homo phobic, backwards, hateful…..certainly not the way to make these people see the other side. Laws are disregarded. The majorities’ morals are chastised and abused. Rational positions against same-sex marriage are demonized.

And yet same-sex proponents still consider themselves oppressed.

The community has done it to itself. They would rather be in your face, than on your side. They would rather shout slogans, than seek compromise. The would rather burn, than build bridges.

And it’s the main reason why the backlash is so severe right now.

When San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom learns to get the majority of Californians and Americans on his side by upholding State Law. He can become a National hero and help make same-sex marriages the norm. but until he and the gay community learn to build coalitions instead of bitter enemies, he will only help to hurt the cause he champions.

Darren Copeland