Kerry Affair Bad News for Bush

by on February 12th, 2004

Unless your living in a hole….in a cave….on Mars….with your eyes closed, you’ve probably heard about the Kerry…affair. If this has legs, it could be Bush who’s in real trouble.

Kerry’s fall will be a boon for John Edwards who has been running a strong second. Edwards should worry everyone at the White House. I have always said that Edwards is the one guy who could beat Bush. He may get his chance.

Edwards’ campaign has a similar feel to a certain Governor from Arkansas. Edwards is charismatic, positive, and, for now, unscathed by scandal. Kerry thinks he can win without the South. Edwards could dominate the South. Furthermore, with Clark out, there is no one who can touch Edwards. Dean won’t. He blew it in Iowa and New Hampshire.

And Edwards is someone who can unite the Dems. A positive message with a upbeat delivery is kool-aid for Democrats. Edwards is ready to be that Pied Piper.

Mr. President, don’t make the same mistake your father made. Start taking Edwards seriously. If you don’t, you could be the second Bush to go one and out.

Darren Copeland