Kerry or Bush? A Note to Veterans

by on February 4th, 2004

I have been following all this “Bush is a deserter” nonsense in the news and I think it’s time to, yet again, set the record straight. I don’t mean the stories CNN, ABC, et al have found to be false regarding the Bush desertion/AWOL. I am talking about the fallacy that all Vietnam Vets sould detest the President and adore Kerry.

I enjoy hearing stories from my dad about his trials and tribulations regarding his service on the U.S.S. Maddox. He and my Mom go to reunions and I hear new stories every time about the closeness of the men who served, regardless if they were even on the boat at the same time. This is a feeling that runs deep in Vets. That’s why, in my mind, no self respecting Veteran would want anything to do with Kerry and, for that matter, no self respecting 60’s radical would either. Kerry is the ultimate back-stabber.

Kerry should be lauded for his service in Vietnam. Anyone who goes to war and sees action in combat should be respected and thanked for that. I respect him for his service.

I wish he had the same respect for his fellow soldiers in Vietnam.

It was possible to be for the troops and against the war, but Kerry chose to hook up with a woman in Jane Fonda, who sat in antiaircraft guns used to kill his fellow servicemen. Ask any of the men shot down by those guns Fonda sat in about her. None of them, those that lived anyway, have any respect for her or her cohorts. Ask John McCain. But obviously that didn’t bother Kerry. He went on record saying that he saw, and may have even committed war crimes. He called his fellow soldiers “murderers”. Other vets are expected to vote for this guy now?

So was Kerry any better to the antiwar crowd? Heavens NO! When other vets camped out on the mall, Kerry slept in a townhouse. Kerry threw his medals that he was awarded away in protest, yet we find out later that he threw someone else’s medals away and kept his own. Tell me you antiwar folks. Do you want a guy who only talked the talk of the peace movement? Go ask him why he has his tossed medals on the wall of his office. Go ask him why he displays awards for action Kerry himself thought to be illegal. Go ask him where he really stands in regards to either you or the vets you spit on.

And about George W. Bush. He may have “only” served in the National Guard, in a unit, I might add, that saw action in Vietnam. And George W. Bush may have deferred service while he was working on a campaign. But he NEVER disparaged anyone who DID serve in actual combat. He has been gracious and humble when talking about and to Vets. He holds them up as an ideal. He certainly doesn’t follow Kerry’s lead and call them war criminals.

Bush even gives credit to you antiwar folks. He defends your right to speak, even when his own rights are being infringed upon by protesters trying to shout him down. You may not like Bush’s positions, but at least he gives you credit for having your own.

Kerry or Bush. Bush or Kerry. To both Vets and Protesters alike, I think the choice is clear.

Darren Copeland