Then and Now…Some Consistancy Please

by on February 9th, 2004

Looking back on history is always a good thing. Not only is it interesting, but very informative as well. But is it always relevant? Well that depends on who you talk to, but I know this. You can’t cite history in one breath and ignore history in the next. And there’s a whole lot of that going on now.

There are people on the left who will talk all day about George Bush’s lack of war experience, yet ignore a recently ex-president who “loathed the military”.

There are those who blast the War in Iraq, yet laud others who advocated the same action a few short years ago.

The inconsistency is becoming intolerable.

If you want to talk about Bush and his military service, you better be prepared to talk about Clinton, and visa versa. If you want to talk about the threat of Saddam Hussein and WMD’s, you better be ready to discuss Clinton, Kerry, Gephardt, Pelosi, et. al. If you insist on blaming Bush for failed intelligence, you can’t forget to chastise Kerry and Clinton as well.

We, as Americans, both Donkeys and Elephants, need to take the collective responsibility for what may or may not turn up in Iraq that includes blame as well as praise. To shirk from, and say “Oh it’s the other guy’s fault” is irresponsible, and certainly un-American. That’s what all of us have been doing for far too long.

England, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Ghali, Annan, Blix, Kaye, Ritter, Bush I, Bush II, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, Daschle, Clark, Edwards, Byrd and Kennedy all knew the danger Saddam and Iraq posed. They knew what Saddam had done in the past in regards to WMD’s. They all knew that Hussein constantly and consistently violated the terms of the U.N. Cease fire Agreement of 1991 (UN Resolution 687 for all you sticklers) in regards to full disclosure of WMD programs. He was in breach until he was removed, even Hans Blix admitted that.

But that is all history. It is time to look ahead. Who is the better man to lead us in this new era? Who will keep us safe from the homicide bomber, the homicide pilot, the homicide ship captain? That question is where my focus is aimed.

I prefer a man who will take action when the need arises. A man not afraid to act on disturbing evidence. A man who is concerned about good, with the conviction to do what’s right for all of us. For me, that man is already serving.

In the White House

Darren Copeland